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What is the Best Domain Name Backorder Service (Domain Name Backorder) If a name you want is already registered you can still have it. But don't leave anything to chance! Secure your chance to snap it up the INSTANT it expires! Includes Domain Alert Pro/Monitoring (see left) FREE! Includes the cost of registering the domain name, so you can have the domain instantly.
If you don't get the name, you don't lose money:
We re-assign your backorder fee to another name until you capture one. Tell me more!

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Example: Recently often ask IIS, mail CDO ( CDO.Message.1 error '80040220' The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid. ) solution is here.
What server objects are supported on Windows shared hosting servers?
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2. php.net Hypertext Preprocessor, Most Linux distributions come with PHP
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Back order domain name example process :: you may receive notification generated automatically as a service to you from Ezer service
Some basic information Ezer show it here as example for you to understand more how
Domain Monitoring / Backordering work
mails or notes received: memo:
example backorder domain a domain alldiy.com
monitor alert notification you will receive by Ezer
Domain Monitor Alert information for expired domain
Ezer explains these notifications for you.
Begin to monitoring the backorder domain name. backorder domain alert
We've monitored the following domain name(s) and have noted NO CHANGES since our last notification 7 days ago:
Even if there is no status change you will receive a
NO CHANGE domain alert mail every several days.
The domain expiration date has been changed:
OLD: 20-Apr-2006
NEW: 20-Apr-2007
When a domain alldiy.com expired at 20-Apr-2006
Register will change the domain status
So 21-Apr-2006 Ezer register would send you anotice
like the left.
It is important: do not give up backorder when you receive the info.
It is a regular process
The backorder domain name status. Monitoring the backorder domain name.
The domain status has been changed:
   OLD: REGISTRAR-HOLD                  
        client Hold                      
        client Delete Prohibited          
        client Update Prohibited          
        client Transfer Prohibited        
   NEW: REGISTRAR-LOCK                  
        client Hold                      
        client Update Prohibited          
        client Transfer Prohibited        
        client Delete Prohibited
on the following name(s):

when the old domain owner do not renew the domain for about 15 days
The target backorder domain name expiration date. Backorder Domain REDEMPTION PERIOD
We've noted that the following changes 
occurred between 05/31/2006 and 06/01/2006:
The domain expiration date has been changed:
   OLD: 20-Apr-2007                     
   NEW: 20-Apr-2006                     

The domain status has been changed:
   OLD: REGISTRAR-LOCK                  
   NEW: REDEMPTIONPERIOD                
on the following name(s):

It takes about 40 days to become


buy back period

The old owner has to pay at least around $30 - $100 or more to become the domain name owner again.

The backorder domain status changed. backorder domain status
We've noted that the following changes 
occurred between 07/02/2006 and 07/02/2006:

The domain status has been changed:
   OLD: REDEMPTIONPERIOD                
   NEW: PENDINGDELETE                   
on the following name(s):


It is REDEMPTION Pending Period Delete.

When domain name pending delete, the domain name has no domain owner.

How do a domain backordering Capture Pending? Backorder domain Capture Pending
ALLDIY.COM Domain Name Capture Pending
This email is to inform you that we'll be attempting to secure the following domain name(s) you backordered:

We'll do this automatically — no need for you to take any action or respond to this email.

If you no longer want us to secure this domain name, and it is a .COM or .NET name, you have until 10:00 a.m. MST on 07/08/2006 to re-assign the backorder credit. If the name is a .BIZ or .US, you have until 9:00 a.m. MST. For .ORG and .INFO names, the time you have available to re-assign the backorder credit can change without notice. There is generally a 24- to 48-hour period in which we can release your originally chosen name.
If you are the first one listed who wants to backorder the domain name then you will receive a Domain Name Capture Pending mail from Ezer.

It is a good news to receive the notice.

Do you really want the domain?

There is generally a 24- to 48-hour period in which we can release your originally chosen name.

Wait for backorder domain name capture. Still domain backordering in process.
ALLDIY.COM Capture Unsuccessful

We're sorry.
The following domain (s) that you backordered was not captured:


Changes made to a domain take at least 24 hours to update in the WhoIs database. If you perform a WhoIs lookup on the domain to verify registration information or the status of the domain before 24 hours has passed, the information may appear to be incorrect.
Do not give up at this moment.

The domain name old register has the right to create an auction to sell to domain.

You still have chance to gain the domain.

Note backorder domain name registrar changed backorder domain name registrar
This notification is generated automatically 
as a service to you.

We've noted that the following changes 
occurred between 07/08/2006 and 07/08/2006:

The registrar has been changed:
   OLD: ENOM, INC.                      
   NEW: ENOM3 INC.                      

The WHOIS server has been changed:
   OLD: whois.enom.com                  
   NEW: whois.enom3.com                 

The domain expiration date has been changed:
   OLD: 20-Apr-2006                     
   NEW: 08-Jul-2007                     

The domain name servers have been changed:

The domain status has been changed:
   OLD: PENDINGDELETE                   
   NEW: ACTIVE                          
on the following name(s):

Domain Auctions Period

The old register usually change server to make an auction.

They want higher price to sell the expired domain name.


Receiving the backorder domain name servers information. backorder domain name servers
We've noted that the following changes 
occurred between 07/12/2006 and 07/12/2006:

The registrar has been changed:
   OLD: ENOM3 INC.                      

The WHOIS server has been changed:
   OLD: whois.enom3.com                 
   NEW: whois.domainsite.com            

The domain expiration date has been changed:
   OLD: 08-Jul-2007                     
   NEW: 12-Jul-2007                     

The domain name servers have been changed:
   NEW: NS.2.NAME.NET                   
on the following name(s):


Domain Auctions Period again.

Old register will switch to another server for another auction.

Some domain may have several registers own the name.

You have to wait for all the registers auctions period expired.

Backorder domain receiving registrar information Big chances with backorder domain names.
We've noted that the following changes 
occurred between 07/16/2006 and 07/16/2006:

The registrar has been changed:

The WHOIS server has been changed:
   OLD: whois.domainsite.com            
   NEW: whois.wildwestdomains.com       

The domain expiration date has been changed:
   OLD: 12-Jul-2007                     
   NEW: 16-Jul-2007                     

The domain name servers have been changed:
   OLD: NS.2.NAME.NET                   
on the following name(s):

When you receive this letter;

you do have 99.9% chance to own the domain name.

Because Wildwestdomains / Godaddy and Ezer are partners domain registers.

Backorder domain name successful. Backorder domain name done.
Congratulations! The following domain name(s) that you backordered was successfully captured:


To review or make any changes to the contact information, registration length, name server settings and more, or to add functionality to your new domain name(s), please log in here: https://dcc.securepaynet.net/Domains/ManageDomains.aspx?prog_id=ezer&isc=wwbb200

from 4/20/2006 to 7/18/2006
Usually, it takes around 3 months from backorder domain to gain the domain.

Three months period is a usually process to capture a domain name by backorder domain

If backorder domain name not successful. If backorder domain do not successful.
If this time you choose domain name do not get the domain name backordering successful, you don't lose any money: You still can re-assign your backorder fee to another name until you capture one years by years. Get another domain name for backordering with no additional charge.
Backorder domain names are count by how many credits you ordered.
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